Boost your website conversions by 15% in under 10 minutes

ViralSales is an intuitive and visual way to engage, convert and communicate with user's attraction. Social Proofs & Notifications are an easy and genuine way to capture the attraction of your store visitors while building importance to purchase your products.

Easy to integrate on any website

Our 24 types of notification popup widgets can be integrated on any website, without technical knowledge,

and easily integrate with your site.

shopify social proof app
Step 1

Login & Copy Pixel Code

After Login Create Campaign for your domain name where you want to show ViralSales widgets.

Step 2

Install Pixel on any website

Copy and paste the following JS Code Snippet before the end of the of your website. In our case Shopify theme "theme.liquid" and under "< head >" tag.

You can fully customize / align anywhere notification widgets.

Step 3

Checkout the Final Results

You can see Live Results instantly on your website, store. A really cool way to engage the product with your visitors or users.

Live Preview

Never easy before, You can see live preview before go live on your website, store

Full Control

You have full control of advanced features to optimize your conversion rate

Ton Of Highlighted Features

We offer a platform that not only generates engaging notification popups on your website,

But also provides you with a powerful dashboard to track all the statistics and analysis.

Create Campaigns

Create multiple campaigns for multiple websites or domains from the dashboard.

Fully Customizations

Fully customize your notifications with our extremely easy-to-use notification editor. Set the specific pages you want to show notification pop-up, and set the different triggers according to your needs.

Get Powerful Analytics

Analyze the number of impressions, mouse hovers, clicks, form submissions, and much more for your popups, and be prepared for your next moves.

Easy integration

Build trust. Grow your business.

Start creating stunning popups, skyrocket your growth and stop losing conversions.

No Coding Popup Builder | No Credit Card Required

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