Best Popup Design Examples That Will Encourage Higher Conversions

Popup is one of the most versatile conversion optimization tools you want. You can use it to collect emails, increase sales, guide visitors, contact prospects, and more.

Best of all, you don’t even need to be a designer to make a beautiful popup and high conversion.

So, do you make your first email popup, or need help increase the conversion rate for your existing campaign.

In it, I will give you 11 best practices of popup design, use real-world examples, and share how to make friendly popup designs, elements based on elements.

1. Match your popup design with your site’s design

Whatever the kind of compliment you make, need to praise your website.

However, at the same time, paradoxically, it is necessary to distinguish itself from the content of your website. (If it will catch the attention of your visitors.

One way to match your popup design with your site is to use a color palette like Adobe color.

Upload the screengrab of your website – or your page will display color popups on-and Adobe will tell you which color appears in the screenshot.

Adobe Color Identifier

A great example of a brand using their web site’s design in its popup is Platinum Trading Academy:

Platinum Trading Academy

Their popups match the color on the page without disappearing to the background. In addition, dark blue distinguishes it from light gray on the site, making it stand out further.

When making a popup based on the color scheme of your site, they will find that less disturbing your visitors are more likely to click and convert.

2. Experiment with new shapes to attract attention

Do you know Popup content doesn’t have to stay in a box?

You can experiment with various forms in your popup to make it more unique and interesting. In fact, the more typical popups are, the greater the possibility of standing out.

Fortunately, they are easy to make as a square popup. You just make an image in various shapes and then add it as a floating image to you.

This is a unique example of Woodupp:

Woodup popup Example

By having a picture in an unusual form around the edge of the popup, Woodupp shows more product images without hiding copies of popups.

Smart enough, huh?

3. Use color blocks in the background image to increase readability

I am a big fan of background images in popups.

And for good reasons:

They make sure your popup is more visible and showing off your product better.

When you use a background image in your popup, it is sometimes difficult to read a copy because it often clashes with color images.

Fortunately, there is an improvement for it.

Use the color block party to highlight your copy.

Let me show you an example.

Denmark Furniture Store, Møbelhuset 2, use a white view block behind their copy:

Møbelhuset Popup Example

Now, watch what happens when I remove the color blocks:

Møbelhuset 2 popup example

Big difference, right?

Color blocks make copies easier to read – and without blocking background images.

To create color blocks, create a new image in Photoshop using the dimensions you want. Then, change the color opacity. (In the example above, the opacity is set to 80%.)

You can add blocks in various colors depending on the color found in the background image.

4. Create your call-to-action button the center of attention to get more clicks

Your visitors should never feel confused about what to do or where to click when they see a popup.

So, keeping up with it, you need to make sure that your call-to-action (CTA) is an important part of your popup and use a copy that is driven by the benefits to encourage visitors to click.

Take this example from Eva Solo:

Eva Solo popup example

The CTA button focuses on the offer value: “Enter to win [competition] now,” and black against a white background ensures that the user will not ignore it.

The same applies if you use two CTA buttons:

popup with two CTA buttons

Many e-commerce sites use two CTA buttons to force visitors to make choices. But many use negative language ​​in copies of their second button to make more people register, like “No, I don’t like discounts” or “No, I want to pay the full price.”

Just because visitors don’t click on your popup, it doesn’t mean they will not turn into customers.

So don’t use negative languages ​​on your CTA button, and give them the option to keep tracing your site instead of disturbing them.

5. Use fewer input fields to increase the level of conversion

Let me ask the question:

Can you delete the input field from one of your popups and still contact those who register?

If the answer is yes, you might have too many input fields.

I know it’s always fun to have as much information as possible about your prospects, but our data tells us that every time you add input fields, you can expect your conversion rate down 50 percent.

Keep in mind that if you only request an email address, you can always follow up via email and request more information.

Let me show you an example.

This campaign with two input fields:

A popup with two input fields

Here’s the same campaign, but with four input fields and radio buttons:

A popup with multiple input fields

Which one do you most want?

One with fewer input fields, right?

Consumers are less willing to part with personal information, so keeping your input field minimum won’t just make your campaign look better, it will also increase your conversion rate.

6. Select the right type of form for your message

Your popup design is not just about color – it’s also about deciding what type of popup will be used.

With examples, we show three types of popups to choose from:

  1. The Popup.
  2. The Slide-in
  3. The Bar.

Let’s start briefly.

The Popup.

This is a form that appears in the middle of the screen above the page content.

black friday sale

This is the most “aggressive” popup type and we recommend using it the trigger out or when visitors trigger a form by clicking the button. That way, you don’t disturb the visitors when they explore your site.

When you use a miten rule out, you have to make your form attract attention. This is your last chance to capture your visitors before they leave, so avoid making integral popups. Need to stand out.

The Slide-in

This is one of the most widely used popup types because it smoothly slid from the bottom of the screen without blocking your site’s content.

Eva Solo popup Slide-In

That means visitors can continue to browse your site without having to close the slide-in.

The most important takeaway to remember when designing a slide-in is to match it with the design of your site.

With slide-in and popup, you also have the option to enter the teaser.

The teaser is not the actual form itself, but more is an addition to you and a slide-in form.

The teaser is a small bar that sits at the bottom of your screen when your form has not been triggered or closed.

Popup Teaser Example

This is also the only thing that your cellphone will see visitors when you have a signal or a slide-in form on your mobile site.

On the cellphone, your form will only trigger when visitors click the teaser, ensure a smooth mobile experience:

Mobile Teaser example

Your teaser must be “tempting” content in your form (hence the name), and thus, should not include a lot of content.

Create an interesting title and background color or background image, and that’s all you need.

The Bar.

The bar sits at the top or bottom of your screen.

This is an example of Kings & Queens:

Popup Sale Example

This type of form is perfect for announcing future sales, promoting new product lines, or giving visitors important messages.

Because the blade doesn’t take a lot of screen space, you can be bolder with the color.

So, if you tempt the upcoming sales, you can use the background color that contrasts with the color on your site.

7. Design customization for different devices to avoid disturbing Google

A few years ago, Google announced its new interstitials policy.

It makes a lot of marketers because it means site owners can be punished if the intrusive popup is misused on the cellphone.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it, point. That just means you have to know how to design cellular popups to follow the best examples.

Because you have less screen space on your cellphone, you need to reduce the number of elements included in your popup.

You can make a desktop popup and then switch to the phone View and link the link and edit the element you want to change for mobile.

That way, you don’t need to make two separate popups, but just adjust your popup version.

There are a number of things to consider when editing your mobile popup design:

  1. You must always contact the element you want to change so that the changes you make in your mobile popup do not affect your desktop version.
  2. If you have a background image on your desktop popup, you have to delete it on your cellphone (tends to look confusing with limited space).
  3. Don’t use more than two input fields in your cellular popup. If people have to scroll on their cellphone screen to see all your cellular popups, it has too much content (which will be displayed at your conversion rate).
  4. You must shorten your copy only includes the most important information.
  5. You must use a smaller font to utilize a better-limited space.
    Let me show you what it looks like in action.

The following is a desktop popup designed:

Popup Desktop Example

And here’s the mobile version adjusted to follow the above best practices:

mobile popup example

As you can see, two popups are still suitable in the design and message together in both. But the design has been tweaked specifically for devices shown for the account for changing screen space.

I know, there are many things to think about. But when done correctly, Mobile Popup works.

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8. Use color contrast to highlight text and action

Finding the right color to use in your popup is difficult if you are not a designer.

A good practical rule is to avoid using the same color throughout your ahead. If you are interested in one color, use the nuances different from that color to make your popup look more attractive. You can also use contrast colors. (This is especially true when you use a background image.)

When your popup has a background image, it might be difficult to match the font color to the background without making it look unread.

So, look for the color contrast to the main color in your background image and use it for the element you want to stand out.

For example, the main editor and your CTA button:

Color Contrast Popup Example

Using contrast colors will help draw attention to your popup without making it look uninteresting.

9. Get your spacing right (without a graphic designer)

Many marketers forget about the distance when they create their popups. Spacing is “invisible” content in your popup. And if the spaces in the ruling you die, it will look bad and the possibility of influencing your conversion rate.

The most important thing when you handle distance is consistency. Avoid using different distances on the four sides of your popup.

In fact, it is best if you always have the same distance at the top and bottom of your popup:

Example of a popup with proper spacing

Another important distance rule is adjusting distance so you don’t have a single word on one line in your popup. If you do that, you can drag the distance out or in so you get one fewer or one sentence depending on what looks best:

To Adjust Spacing for a popup

When you get the right distance, your popup will look much more professional and that will show at your conversion rate.

10. Create the illusion of a new shape with a .png image

I have mentioned how you can experiment with various shapes in your popup.

But there are other ways to make your popup shape stand out:

Use the .png image with a transparent background.

When you set a .png image as your container background and set the background color of your popup to transparent, your image will create a unique shape of illusion.

Let me show you an example. This is from billeje.info.

Billeje Popup Example

The actual popup is rectangular but because the background is transparent, the image defines the shape of the popup.

Here it is on the website:

Billeje Popup Example with Transparent Form

And here’s what it would look like if the background of the form was white instead of transparent:

Billeje popup Example with White Form

Looks much better with a transparent background, right?

When your popup stands out on your site and looks creative, your visitors are more likely to pay attention to it and take action.

11. How to choose the right font for your popup

We can’t talk about best design practices without talking about fonts.

If you are in doubt about which font will be used in your popup, use the font that is most often used on your website.

Be creative with fonts you can pay off if you do it right.

When you alternate between different fonts in your popup, there are some best practices to follow:

  • Use creative fonts for headlines to attract attention.
  • Use your standard website font to copy to increase readability and ensure your message is not lost.
  • Don’t use more than three different fonts in your popup.

Here is an example of how you can experiment with different fonts:

Popup Creative Fonts Example

When you create your next popup, try using a fun font for your headline and test it against your standard website font.

Just make sure that your copy is always easy to read and understand.

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There are many design elements that need to be considered when you design a popup for your site.

But when you do it right, your popup will not only look good, it will also produce extraordinary results.

Try to popup using some design principles of this post and see the differences he made.

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