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There is a page on your site waiting for the gold mine to be tapped. This is not your product page. Also not your checkout page…

This is your Thank you page.

Get this page correctly and it becomes a selling machine that is not visible for your online store. But wrong, and you risk getting your relationship with new customers to the start of rocky.

However, the problem is many business owners are massively utilizing their thank you page.

They do not ask for prospects to take action – when they are most prime to do it – and thus, forget countless opportunities to increase income. Even worse, most don’t even realize they do it.

Well, it changes now.

In this article, I will guide you through the psychology behind why the thank you page converts well. I will also show you how to get more mileage from your Thank you page by following these best practices today’s pros are using.

Let’s get started.

Strength of a little commitment (or why thank you page work)

Because you might be aware, thank you page is the page you redirect visitors after they choose to bonuses on your site (or in other cases, such as e-commerce, make a purchase).

thank you for subscribing

Often, the goal is to give visitors to the lead magnet they choose for and, well, thank them to register. Even though no one is inherently wrong with the page as above, it ignores the important principle in consumer psychology:

People tend to behave in a way that is consistent with previous actions.

In other words, when someone adheres to a little request – like choosing for bulletins – they are more likely to obey the same or greater demand later (such as ordering).

This is known as commitment and consistency and it is the most powerful trigger for marketing.

In one study led by Jonathan Freedman and Scott Fraser, a researcher who posed as a volunteer worker asked for the selection of California homeowners to receive and display three-inch-square signs that read, “Be a safe driver.”

Easy request, right? The homeowner also thought: almost all of them agreed to it. But this is where it becomes interesting …

Two weeks later, a different voluntary worker followed up with homeowners and asked them to allow poor public service billboards with uppercase letters to be allowed in their front yard.


Seventy-six percent offer their front yard usage.

As written in Cialdini in innovative books, influence,

If I can get you make a commitment, I will set automatic consistency and not be considered bad with previous commitments. Once a holder is taken, there is a natural tendency to behave in a strong way consistent with the stand.

SnackNation, a healthy office snack delivery service, is the perfect illustration for building commitment and consistency in their marketing.

When you choose one to upgrade their content, you are directed to this thank you page:

snack nation snack pack


In it, they give you the opportunity to claim free snack boxes in return for a brief call with sales representatives. (The purpose of the call is to see if SnackNation is suitable for your office.)

According to their content marketing manager, Emil Shour, SnackNation has not only reached a conversion rate of 10.52% by doing this…

converstion rate


… they caught 884 customers, from which 20 converted into customers.

At $ 249 per month, it is an additional $ 4,980 per month with minimal effort.

Not bad, huh?

Now after you see the potential of income from the page thank you optimized properly, let’s discuss strategies of thank you pages for trying.

1. Request For Referrals

Making a new business is an ongoing challenge for many online stores.

But there is one acquisition channel, when consistent, is a predictable source of income:


In fact, according to the latest survey by Ogilvy, 74% of consumers identify mouth to mouth as the main influencers in their purchasing decisions.

So, it is not surprising, that many businesses ask you to refer friends or family members when you register.

Download James Clear for example. With more than 700,000 monthly readers and more than 350,000 email customers, James’s blog has changed from an empty WordPress installation to one of the most popular single-writer blogs in the world in less than three years.


One way he was able to achieve that growth was to request a reference to the page thank you.

After joining his weekly bulletin, James directed you to a page where he asked you to refer his job to a friend:

tell a friend

What’s more, it makes it very easy to do by entering pre-written e-mail:

pre-written email

All you have to do is click the link and press “Send” and James increases the possibility of getting a new reader (and maybe someday).

Ask new readers to refer you to friends using the email that has been written before.

2. Request For Social Shares

The request that you requested from your audience varies depending on factors such as demographics and psychographics.

(Teenagers, for example, are more likely to share something on social media rather than sending emails that refer to services as we see in the previous example.)

Enter another way, if you know most of the time your readers are spent on Facebook, then ask them to like your page easier than asking for referrals.

Let’s imagine for a moment that your goal is not to grow to follow on social media but to encourage more targeted traffic through your marketing funnel.

How can you encourage more social shares?

One option is utilizing your readers’ followers.

Some influencers, such as Brennan Dunn from dying your release, ask for a new email registration to share popular e-mail courses:

popular email course

Others, like Michael Hyatt, give incentives to stock by offering the opportunity to win prizes:

share and win

3. Demonstrate Authority

Previously at the post, we talked about the strength of commitment and consistency: our tendency to be consistent with the actions we have taken. But there are other best practices that strengthen these principles further:

The principle of demonstrating authority:

Many businesses choose to position themselves as leaders who enter their market for this reason: When you are an expert recognized in your field, you don’t need a prospect for new business customers to come to you.

However, it is important to remember, that authority is not indicated by what you say about yourself or your company. Instead, it is indicated by what other authorities say about what you said.

“As shown in” part on the porch is a good example of this.

This is an example of Ramit Setyhi from me will teach you to be rich:

Ramit Sethi Will Teach You to Be Rich

This encourages something for effect:

“Wow, if he appears on ABC News, CNN, and Wall Street Journal, he must be an expert!”

Often, you will see influencers using media mention their landing pages and even their checkout pages.

But most diving business owners put them throughout their marketing.

Take Scott Oldford, for example. He showed the authority on his landing page, options page, and thank you page.

Scott Oldford

Knowing that the internet marketing industry was disturbed by Charlatan people who claimed to be experts, Oldford distinguished himself by “borrowing” authority from the main media outlets that had displayed it.

Trust is not built once, remember – it is built gradually from time to time when buyers move through each stage of the buyer’s journey. So, remember it when you position yourself as an expert in your field.

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4. Offer a discount

Having a discount strategy is an integral part of many e-commerce businesses. But it’s important to know when to offer them.

Do it quite often and your customers come to expect it. Do it with saving and your customers can jump to competitors.

Fortunately, there is a silver layer: use a discount to appreciate good behavior.

Naturebox describes this strategy perfectly:

nature box


If you choose to subscribe, you are valued with free samples from one of their best-selling items. (Note the scarcity at the bottom to increase the likelihood of readers will claim their free gifts):


nature box gift
However, the actual magic is secondary benefits:

“25% discount from your first order.”

Offering secondary benefits not only appreciates customer loyalty; It also reduces Churn. Use wisely.

5. Qualify and Maintain LEAD

Not all readers are made the same. At any time, the reader is at a different stage of the buyer’s journey.

Some just begin to realize that they have a problem. Some have defined their problems and are evaluating a decent solution. While others have decided the solution and ready to buy.

The question is, how do you serve all kinds of readers? You offer a variety of options for different readers.

Take the Hubspot giant marketing, for example.

When you choose, you are given a choice on what to do next is based on where you are on the journey of the buyer. If you are only at the beginning of your trip and want to learn more about your problem, you can read free resources on the subject:


But if you are further on your trip and are considering making a purchase, you can take a free assessment:

inbound marketer


Give people choices and they will know which road is right for them.

6. Link into your most popular content

Let’s stop for a moment and consider the important truth:

If the reader chooses on your site, it’s because they get the value of your content (i.e. It solves the problem for them), and/or, they believe you will continue to provide value in the future.

With that thought, it is important for you to fulfill those expectations and help prospects on their way to buy from you with your best abilities.

Pat Flynn, from intelligent passive income, understanding its audience is better than most marketers. After choosing to a bulletin, PAT offers a series of ebooks that solve various popular pain points owned by the audience:

Smart Passive Income

Grooves, on the other hand, link to the most popular content based on shares and social comments:


Connecting to the most popular content, not only benefit readers but also benefits blogs.

The more eyes on their content, the higher the opportunities for the construction of links, and the better their content will rank on the search engine results page (SERP).

Link whatever content you want to rank well on your Thank you page. There is no guarantee it will increase your position in SERP but may influence it.

7. Improve products or services

Paid traffic quickly became an integral part of many online marketing campaigns.

And for good reasons:

This is very effective. Facebook ads, for example, have been known to provide a 5, 10-even 13x investment return for e-commerce stores.

But let’s be honest, expensive paid traffic. And if you don’t change costs when acquiring new tin, you lose money.

So, how do you make sure you don’t damage the bank?

Offer a self-liquidating offer. Simply put, the offer that has its own is a small item that includes your advertising expenses.

Digital Marketers offer independent offers on many pages Thank you for not only replacing their advertising costs but also changing new subscribers to customers:

digital marketer

Indeed, you will not convert everyone (no matter how), but you will be destroyed – even in some of your new acquisitions.

8. Encouraging Engagement

We all need to be connected.

We want to meet with people who think the same and most importantly, feel like …

And there is no better way to feel like us than joining the online community.

However, the problem is rare, if ever, whether you get the opportunity to interact with dozens or hundreds of thousands of other readers proud of themselves. That’s unless you get an introduction immediately when you register.

When you join the Derek Halpern community in social triggers, you are asked to “like” the Facebook page and introduce yourself (pay attention to social proof to persuade you further):

Derek Halpern’s community Social Triggers

From there, Derek asked the reader’s question on his Facebook page, increasingly maintaining his relationship with his community:

Derek Halpern fb post

Do this consistently, and you build a growing community of readers and loyal customers.

Include a Facebook or Disqus comment box on your Thank you page and submit a question to encourage involvement.

9. Do a survey

Your audience survey gives you great insight into what makes your audience beat. You learn about their goals, desires, and pain points, in turn, helping you make a very targeted marketing message.

The problem is. Many businesses are wrong.

At best, they ask wrong and worse questions, they ask on a platform that is an excess population (like Facebook).

Instead, smart business owners, instead, are asking readers as soon as they express interest in their business.

After all, if you join the company’s bulletin, you might have a problem with the mind.

Neil Patel knows this is better than anyone.

When you register at Neil’s Webinar (Magnet Leader), he directs you to a thank you page where it invites you to complete a short survey:Neil’s webinar

While Neil is mostly a qualified prospect for a strategy call, he still gets valuable feedback from the readers about what they stand for and how he can help.

Ask your readers what their goals and struggles are and build your content marketing strategies around what they are looking for to learn more about.


If there is one thing worse than ignoring your thank you page, it’s too thinner.

I have been described above nine of the best thank you pages available – but you have to be selective.

ViralSales App has 22+ stunning sales and notification widgets. So start your free plan today and experience to increase the sales/conversions by using it. Increase your Sales and Conversions by using ViralSale.

Don’t flood your new customers with a request to refer friends, follow you on Twitter, complete surveys, etc. Instead, focus on one best practice, test, and iterate as needed.

How do you use your thank you page? Leave a comment below.

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