Satisfaction Guarantees

Product close-ups, size guides, augmented reality, regardless, and satisfaction guarantees of what proportion you help customers visualize your products, online shopping will always carry a particular amount of risk for consumers.

After all, they can’t touch, feel, and check out the products you’re selling.

That’s why there’s a greater chance that a web order won’t match their expectations or needs in comparison to brick-and-mortar shops.

Addressing your consumer’s perceived risk will minimize their worries, and help them shop with more confidence. And a solid satisfaction guarantee may be a must to get rid of that risk.

Several studies showed that selling with a refund guarantee increases retail profits, and consumers take it as a sign of product quality.

How you frame and offer a guarantee can have a dramatic impact on your conversion rates, too. So you’ll always transcend generic refund guarantees and reassure your potential customers better.

Here are nine of the simplest e-commerce satisfaction guarantees we’ve seen and why they work so well.

9 Proven Satisfaction Guarantees Examples

1. The Lifetime Guarantee

2. The Best Price Guarantee

3. The Free Trial Guarantee

4. The Money-Back Guarantee

5. The First-Time Guarantee

6. The Lowest Price Guarantee

7. The Happiness Guarantee

8. The Fun Guarantee

9. The Branded Guarantee

1. The Lifetime Guarantee

Your satisfaction guarantees tell visitors many things about your online store:

  • How easy it’s to return a product;
  • How good of customer service they ought to expect;
  • What happens if they regret buying that product;
    and so on.

But more importantly, it tells visitors what proportion of confidence you’ve got in your products. And for consumers, it points to product quality.

Many brands limit themselves with 30-day or 90-day refund guarantees. And that’s just one thanks to going.

Offering a lifetime guarantee, on the opposite hand, is that the ultimate level of confidence you’ll display.

When you frame your guarantee around a hard and fast number of days, you risk triggering an issue in consumers’ minds. If a product features a 30-day guarantee, it automatically puts the thought of returning the item before the time runs out into their minds.

A lifetime guarantee may be a bold choice, but it eliminates the customers’ urge to return products and creates trust for your product quality.

Here’s how Brooklinen offers a lifetime guarantee on all their products:

Brooklinen Lifetime Guarantee

The company phrases the guarantee during thanks to explaining how proud they’re of their craftsmanship. And if anything ever happens to your Brooklinen products, they provide free repairs or replacements.

You don’t always need to offer a refund guarantee on your e-commerce site. Repairs, refills, or renewals also are effective promises you’ll make to your customers.

Most of your customers will never even invite it, but a lifetime guarantee will put your brand in a strong position for customer satisfaction.

2. The Best Price Guarantee

In some product comparisons, whoever offers the most cost-effective product wins out above the others.

The simplest price guarantee can protect against that. Many highly competitive industries, like travel, offer this sort of customer satisfaction guarantee. Take, as an example, Priceline:


Priceline best price guarantee

Not only do they provide the lowest price, but they’ll double the refund if you discover a far better price on their special deals.

3. The Free Trial Guarantee

Offering a free trial for a limited time before selling a product or service is one of the oldest tricks within the book.

Marketers know that the free test period is their chance to influence the buyer and obtain them hooked on the merchandise. If someone is already satisfied with the merchandise during the test period, the likelihood is that they’ll be able to pay the complete price once it’s over.

Even though it’s highly effective in converting site visitors into customers. But free trials have great potential waiting to be explored by e-commerce sites.

Warby Parker has already discovered that and their combat free trial guarantees are some things to behold:

Warby Parker Free Trial Guarantee

The American online store for glasses offers visitors a special quite free trial. Knowing that buying glasses may be a personal experience, the corporate goes beyond virtual try-on and offers visitors an opportunity to undertake the products at home for free.

When you visit a product page that’s a part of the program, you see two options: “Try reception for free” and “Buy from $95”.

You can form 5 frames to undertake reception for free of charge and find the one that matches your face perfectly.

Warby Parker offers both free shipping and free returns, only to form things easier for his or her customers. If you’re selling products that need to be an ideal fit for your customers, you’ll offer them alternatives for a limited period.

Customers will have a more pleasant shopping experience, make better decisions, and they’ll be more willing to shop for the merchandise once they know it’s easy to undertake and see.

4. Money-back guarantee

When people consider a guarantee, this is often most frequently the one that they consider.

Offering a refund has become so commonplace that the majority of customers don’t consider it as a guarantee such a lot as their right when purchasing. That said, there’s still a benefit to explicitly providing this for your customers, especially for the additional security it offers.

Here’s an example of a money-back guarantee on Costco’s website:

Costco's money back guarantee

Not only will they refund customers for the merchandise that they purchased and were dissatisfied with, but they’re going to also refund members their membership fee if they find themselves not enjoying it.

5. The First-Time Guarantee

First impressions matter.

No matter what you’re selling, the primary purchase is your greatest chance to impress customers. You need to form sure that first-time customers have an exceptional shopping experience in order that you’ll convince them to shop for from you again.

A powerful satisfaction guarantee not only turns visitors into customers. It also converts first-timers into repeat buyers. But what does one do if you can’t offer a free trial guarantee on your e-commerce site?

Offer a first-time guarantee instead.

Mack Weldon may be a brilliant example of first-time guarantees:

Mack Weldon First Time Guarantee

Offering what they call a “try on guarantee” the corporate wants to make sure that customers are proud of the primary purchase they create.

Since they’re selling underwear online, offering an exchange thanks to dissatisfaction isn’t an option for Mack Weldon. So they find a far better thanks to guaranteeing customer happiness, instead.

If you don’t love the primary pair of underwear you purchase, they send you a special size, style, or issue a refund. And you get to stay the pair you tried on.

They aim to form an honest first impression by ensuring product satisfaction. Plus, they increase your chances of creating another purchase and becoming a repeat customer.

6. The Lowest Price Guarantee

Competition in e-commerce is real.

One way or another, you ought to make your online store stand out among the gang. And offering the lowest price is one of those ways.

In fact, price is among the highest three reasons why Americans prefer to buy a product at a particular online store.

Offering the lowest price guarantee gives site visitors a robust reason to shop from you without even considering alternatives. This type of guarantee shows that you simply are confident in your online store and therefore the fair pricing of your products.

When you offer the lowest price guarantee on your site, you address many visitor concerns including those that wonder if they will find an equivalent product elsewhere for a less expensive price.

The lowest price advantage causes you to stronger vis-à-vis competitors and improves your conversion rates. You probably found a couple of e-commerce sites offering to pay the difference if you see an equivalent product elsewhere at a less expensive price.

But evo goes the additional mile and shows what proportion they trust their prices:

When you visit a product page on their site, you’ll see a tag that says “Lowest Price Guarantee.”

Here’s what their guarantee seems like in detail:

evo Price Match Policy

Instead of simply paying the difference, the corporate also promises to beat the worth by 5%.

This means higher self-confidence and a stronger specialization in customer satisfaction. If you’re offering the lowest price guarantee on your e-commerce site, confirm you create it visible on product pages and explain clearly what your guarantee covers.

7. The Happiness Guarantee

If you’re in e-commerce, I’m sure you’re working hard to form your customers happy and hopefully, to stay them happy. Because happy customers become loyal customers.

In fact, 30% of consumers say that they might like better to shop from a site they’ve previously bought from.

In Guarantee #3 above, we covered how important it’s to form an honest first impression. But how are you able to transcend the primary time and ensure customer happiness in every single purchase?

Offer a happiness guarantee.

Here’s how Bombas approaches customer satisfaction the proper way:

Taking a more sentimental position, Bombas frames its product guarantee around the word happiness.

Instead of calling it a money-back guarantee or a full refund policy, they explain how important customer happiness is to them. They stress that it’s a no-questions-asked sort of guarantee and they’re dedicated to solving your problem by doing whatever it takes.

What I prefer the foremost during this example is that the balance between emotions and logic. They don’t only praise the purchasers and mention what proportion they care about you.

And they don’t simply write down a technical explanation about what you ought to expect once you need a refund.

Instead, they find a pleasant balance to form their brand trustworthiness and keep their customers 100% happy.

If you’re offering a money-back guarantee on your e-commerce site, try framing it around positive feelings and use powerful words.

8. The Fun Guarantee

Nope, I’m not talking about guaranteeing fun to your customers. (Unless that’s your value proposition)

While trying to find examples for this blog post, I’ve seen numerous companies employing a refund policy, simply because that they had to.

What’s the purpose of getting a robust guarantee if none of your potential customers will see it? If you’re offering a satisfaction guarantee on your e-commerce site, you would like to form sure that your visitors are conscious of it.

So why not make it a touch more attention-grabbing? That’s exactly what Sunski does.

When we’re buying glasses, we’d believe what happens if lenses get a scratch or if the frame breaks. And Sunski knows our concerns well.

That’s why they address customer pain points and possible post-purchase problems in their guarantee.

And the best part? They don’t write a page-long refund policy.

This is, by far, the foremost memorable way you’ll frame your guarantee.

Sunski offers a Lifetime Guarantee on their site, but with a touch twist:

Sunski Product Page Forever Warranty

When you visit a product page, you see this drawing that communicates the merchandise guarantee.

Combined with the phrasing “forever warranty” and therefore the brilliant guarantee video, the corporate wins the purchasers humorously.

No matter which sort of warranty you’re offering, try bringing some joy into your guarantee pages and you’ll start making more out of them.

9. The Branded Guarantee

Consumers are now resistant to generic guarantees that say “If you’re not satisfied with our product, return it within 30 days.”

They don’t even notice it, including be persuaded by it.

As the Sunski example above proves, satisfaction guarantees don’t need to be yet one more legal, must-have page on your site. After all, the aim is to reassure your site visitors and nudge them to form a neater buying decision.

The more interesting your guarantee is, the more attention it’ll catch. Which means better chances of convincing and converting site visitors into customers.

This doesn’t mean that you simply need to write a song about your refund policy too. Find how to have your satisfaction guarantees and align it together with your brand voice.

Just like Casper does it:

Casper Satisfaction Guarantee

Instead of calling it a 100-day-warranty, the famous mattress company phrases their guarantee as a 100-Nights test period.

They brand the guarantee in a way that’s highly relevant to their products and in a humorous tone.

If you’re unsure about what sort of guarantee to supply on your online store, belief the concerns of your customers: Why might they need to return the product? Which potential problems can occur after the acquisition and make them change their minds?

Selling mattresses-in-a-box, Casper knows that customers won’t be willing to pack the merchandise to return it, in order that they guarantee that they’ll pick it up for you.

They’re also cognizant that customers probably won’t change their minds after sleeping on a mattress for 3 months.

But if that happens, they know that Casper is going to be there for them. And that’s the entire point of satisfaction guarantees.

Another great example of branded guarantees comes from Patagonia:

Patagonia Ironclad Guarantee

Since the corporate sells outdoor clothing and kit, they provide customers with something called an Ironclad Guarantee that they invented.

And they confirm that it’s visible on every product page:

Patagonia Product Page Guarantee

Try arising with a word that’s relevant to your name, product range, or industry you’re working in. Confirm it resonates together with your audience and communicates strong, positive emotions.


The main motive behind writing good satisfaction guarantees isn’t to tempt customers to return your products. Because let’s admit it, nobody wants that.

The goal is to form your guarantee as clear and interesting as possible in order that you’ll minimize the visitors’ concerns about making a sale. And that means more sales and happier customers.

Have you seen the other good samples of satisfaction guarantees? How does one guarantee customer happiness on your e-commerce site?

Allow us to know within the comments below.

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