Use Widgets To Improve Your Website and Boost Sales

The website widgets is able to complete your website and make it involve visitors and give customers and new buyers directly to your waiting hand.

If you have not added one widget to your website, you lose a good opportunity to streamline most of your business processes. With this article, you will learn what is widgets, how they benefit your business, and which ones will be used on your website.

What is a website widget, and why do you need it?

A website widget is a small application that you can plant to your website, which performs certain functions. Mostly, they are simple to install and do not require your coding experience.

For example, pop-up notification cookies, which you see every time you visit a website, whether widgets on your mobile, clocks on your desktop – all these widgets are very familiar and common so you haven’t even thought about them as separate applications.

However, with their help, you can start selling more, increase involvement, increase social awareness, and these points are not the entire list of benefits widgets!

  • Customers experience improvement
  • Visitor engagement
  •  Boost sales
  • Increased social exposure
  • Trust and loyalty increased
  • Audience better understanding
  • Conversion rate growth

It sounds really cool, agree? So what is the use, and how to achieve the set goals?

What widgets do and what should be used for free widgets for websites with code?

Of course, the first thing you need to do is narrow down the goals you want to achieve, and only then you have to choose a certain free widget for the website with the code to achieve it.

Your customer is king. He decided to choose your brand for your competitors or not. He gives you money. So, you need to show your sincere concern and improve the function of your site to offer more choices to your visitors to play with your site. There, you need a widget. Actually, any widget is made to improve your visitor’s experience, which in turn leads to increased involvement, conversion, sales, brand awareness, loyalty, etc.

What widgets are used:

Information, coupons, videos, social share buttons, reviews, feedback, demand collectors, countdown collectors, etc.

1 – The growth of conversion rates

Conversion rate is the percentage of your website visitors who take the action you need – Give email, make an order, and so on. If your visitors simply scroll to your website and go, you are in trouble. All traffic you get is useless.

What widgets are used:

Video: short videos added to your website will attract attention, increase your authority, and provide more info for positive decision-making. Make this video really catch.video popup html-big-view

The latest conversion counters: when the user sees that someone has done the actions he will do (register, buy, etc.), they do it more willingly. It’s a psychological trigger.Latest Conversion -bigview

Email collector: Promises to provide useful information and do not spam, and users will patiently share their emails with you.Collect emails or leads-big-view

2 – Visitors to Engaging

How do users interact with your website? Do they click the button, read the content, or just scroll down and leave? If you are not sure that your visitors do that, consider adding the following widgets to your website.

What widgets are used:

Request collector: Offer your visitors to clarify some questions if something is not clear only without finding the customer support section on your website.Modal Two Collector bigview

Emoji Score or Feedback: Suggest your visitors leave feedback about your product, service, or website. You will prove that their voices are important and get useful info about their experiences.

Emoji Feedback bigview

Video: As mentioned, videos are very important.

3 – Increased sales

If the sales report does not satisfy you, and you want to increase sales, think about improving your website. If everything is ok with your service and product, the problem is on the website that is not so interesting and functional. The widget is to improve the situation.

What widgets are used:

Information: Tell your visitors about the latest sales, gifts, limitations. Add CTA. They will be happy if you offer something useful for them. It will motivate them to buy something. In addition, it will motivate them to stay longer on the website, which, in turn, positively affects the ranking of the website.Call to action -bigview

Coupon: The same story. Offering something that visitors will not be able to refuse (discounts, for example) useful for both parties. Add a coupon widget to your website, you can significantly increase sales.Coupon -bigview

Collector Countdown: What makes people buy / register / subscribe better than the deadline? Just add a popup widget, which will calculate the time down until the offer is closed.Countdown Collector bigview

4 – Increased social exposure

You can make a name for yourself or your brand only with the help of social agreement. If people talk about you on social media, there is a buzz marketing job. New people will come to you, thanks to the mention of the media. Moreover, it increases the trust in the brand for the most part.

What widgets are used:

Social Share: You can increase social exposure and brand awareness thanks to a simple button ‘tell us about our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. “. This will simplify the process for you and your customers and your customers.

5 –  Trust and loyalty lifter

You cannot build a brand without a loyal customer and client. Thanks to them, you earn income, and that’s what brings you, new customers.

What widgets are used:

Random Reviews Widget: Add random reviews from your satisfied clients and customers. It’s too clear – it will make people more trust your brand. Why not use this opportunity?Random Review bigview

6 – Audience better understanding

One common problem faced by newborn companies did not know their audience well, unaware of their needs. Which leads to communication, marketing, and wrong growth strategies. For this purpose, the brand conducts polls and research. And add widgets to their website.

What widgets are used:

Surveys and feedback: There is a widget that allows people to remember your site, your product, and your service.Text Feedback -bigview

Request a collector: You can advise your visitors to ask something they are interested in. Thus, you increase the involvement and trust of users and, as a bonus, develop an understanding of the problems, questions, and interests they have.Request Collector bigview


Adding widgets to your site can actually bring it to the next level.
You can benefit from increased functionality and professionalism when increasing the user experience simultaneously.
There are more widgets here. They are flexible, functional, and can be used on various different websites.

The widgets are an easy and genuine way to capture the attraction of your store visitors while building importance to purchase your products and it’s Increase your conversion rates.

Easy set-up • Free Forever • 100% Secure​

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